Chromotif Nebeula.

The only cloud-native Windows and Linux application and desktop delivery solution built for Google Chrome OS, GCP and G Suite.


Get your Windows apps on Chromebook.

Chromebooks have been popular in education for a few years and are starting to make headway in the enterprise space for a few simple reasons:

  1. Relatively low cost
  2. Easier to manage than Windows devices
  3. Baked in security

However, restrictions on installing software on the devices are a mixed blessing. While they’re good from a security point of view, they also prevent organisations who rely heavily on enterprise Windows and Linux based applications such as CRM and ERP systems, from adopting Chromebooks more widely.

Working with our partner Chromotif, we give you all the benefits of the Chrome OS and hardware, coupled to accessing everything from simple pdf readers all the way up to enterprise Windows apps on Chromebook.

Deliver Windows Apps on Chromebook

Introducing Nebeula.

Nebeula from Chromotif lets you remote any Windows or Linux application or desktop to a Chromebook from servers running either on-prem or any public cloud, AWS , GCP or Azure.

% of Windows/Linux Apps
Create/Deploy apps in under
Cut hardware costs
VPNs/Gateways needed

Chrome Ecosystem

Securely built for the Chrome ecosystem, using standards based Google Chromoting protocol.


Deliver applications and desktops from any of the top public clouds – Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on with Microsoft Active Directory or Google G Suite Identity.

#Drive (SharpDrive)

Natively integrate cloud drives with applications and desktops with #Drive.

BYOD Made Simple

HTML5 client and web store downloadable secure Chrome extension client. No device management necessary.

Lift and Shift

Seamlessly deliver new applications from the cloud or cloud-enable existing applications in minutes.

  • True Hybrid and Multi Cloud — available on GCP, AWS, Azure. Run your app and desktop workloads anywhere. Even in your own data center.
  • True multi-user and with no limitation of one VM per user, Nebeula drastically keep infrastructure and management costs low.
  • Secure and automatic — no firewall policies to configure, no SSL Gateways to install in your DMZ. All HTTPs/SSL, fully encrypted, with built-in secure internet traversal.
  • Nebeula uses an optimized version of the Google backed Chromoting protocol — the same protocol under the cover that is used for audio-video conferencing over the web. It’s extremely reliable and efficient.
Chromotif architecture for deploying windows apps on chromebooks


Nebeula allows school districts to replace their PC labs or extend the value of their simple easy-to-manage Chromebooks. Students, teachers and admin staff are able to easily access the Windows and Linux apps they often need.


Nebeula saves the state and local governments money, reduces infrastructure complexity and, in most instances, provide easy disaster recovery options.

SMB's + Enterprises

Nebeula helps SMBs to cost-effectively leverage GCP and Chromebooks to deliver Windows apps and desktops to users in a highly secure and easy-to-manage environment. It also allows them to easily migrate app workloads to the cloud and back.

Feature comparison.

    Chromotif Nebeula Microsoft Aggregated Microsoft Derived
End Users
2D and 3D performance Yes No Yes
Local printing Yes No Yes
Device redirection (webcam, USB drives, audio) Q2/2018 No Limited
Hi-performance video (YouTube, On Demand) Yes No No
Global load balancing Yes No No
Comprehensive user analytics Yes No No
Simplified management Yes No No
Scalability Yes No No
Automatic security configuration Yes No No
Standards-based protocol Yes No No

Getting started

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