Windows 10 Application Compatibility Strategy

Peter ClarkWindows 10

Windows 10 application compatibility issues?

  This article summarises the issues related to application compatibility in Windows 10 as discussed by Chris Jackson, Microsoft’s Worldwide Lead for Application Compatibility, in his extensive article ‘Windows 10 App Compat Strategy.’ Upgrading to Windows 10. With the arrival … Read More

Getting VDI for ROBO back on the agenda.

Tariq MahmoodROBO, VDI 2.0


  VDI for ROBO (Remote Office/Branch Office) is a fantastic idea but it takes an immense amount of time and money to even get it close to being useful. In this article, we’ll look at the issues and also point … Read More

The evolution of the Digital Workspace

Tariq MahmoodDigital Workspace, VDI 2.01 Comment

Evolution of the Digital Workspace | Algiz Technology

In this article, we look at why solutions such as VDI and MDM are failing to satisfy end users, and the businesses need for access to any application on any device. We also look at the ideal architecture required to deliver the solution that will – Workspace as a Service.