Application packaging process automation

Leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automatically manage and accelerate application delivery to users – everything from a new application request to packaging existing ones.

The problem

Large organisations run hundreds, if not thousands, of off-the-shelf and bespoke applications every day. But the cost and complexity of packaging and managing them drains budgets AND time.

What’s more, there are many repetitive, mundane processes, before and after packaging, which are critical to success but eat up even more time, and result in projects being delayed repeatedly.

We have a sharp rise in demand for application packaging. We need short-term help.

We’re running behind on application packaging projects. We just can’t keep up!

We need specialised skills for complex applications that are holding up our migration.

Get end-to-end automation

RPA software lets you create robots, or “bots” that record, mimic, and then execute rules-based business processes. 

By watching how an experienced packaging professional interacts with the software and systems involved with identifying, packaging and delivering applications, your bots can perform the same steps faster and with greater reliability and precision.

As certified automation specialists, Algiz Technology can work with you to create and automate the workflows you need to manage your application estate better and complete projects on time and within budget.


Automate requests and change approvals


Automate discovery and provision


Automate requirements capture


Automate application packaging


Automate Quality Assurance


Automate Integration testing


Automate UAT deployment and testing

From process discovery to running on autopilot

Working with your in-house team, our experts analyse your current processes and translate those into automated workflows.


Identify bottlenecks

We look at all the stages that are consistently causing delays to your packaging projects and show you which can be speeded up with automation.


Apply best practices

Given a clearer understanding of your processes, we apply best practices to increase compliance with standards and accelerate workflows.


Improve scalability

With fewer obstacles and more efficient processes in place, we reveal ways you can increase package delivery from hundreds to thousands of applications.


Increase end-user satisfaction

Automating as many stages as we can means you get applications to your users faster.  On-time delivery means happy users.

Intelligent RPA tailored to packaging automation

Algiz Technology combines automation expertise and leading RPA tools to a deep understanding of applications to simplify the packaging and delivery of your estate.


Code-free scripts

We create visual automations, that are easy to understand and modify if needed.  Any portion of your workflow scripts can be changed by editing one or more actions. You can also quickly update for global changes e.g. when the application is upgraded.


Handle unexpected events

Your robots will emulate the behaviour of our professional packagers, intelligently adapting to unusual application behaviour or unexpected events just like we would.


Create flexible outputs

We add logic to automated workflows to change the output depending on application variables or how you plan to deliver it.  We can make apps interchangeable between App-V, ThinApp,  MSIX, Liquidware FlexApp, and Numecent Cloudpaging.


Simplify install and test instructions

The point, click and record interface makes creating and understanding instructions easy, and eliminates the need to provide instructions in Word or another tool.

automated application packaging

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