Application testing and monitoring

Code-free, automated testing and monitoring that lets you see how applications perform from your end-users point of view.

The problem

Poorly performing applications — whether they’re slow to respond or unavailable from time to time, delay application deployments, reduce employee productivity and increase workloads for helpdesks.

But, how do you test where the bottlenecks are when the applications are put under load, and what are your users actually seeing? 

We can’t put critical applications into use because we need to know if there are any hardware or software deficiencies that will impact the rollout.

We don’t want to wait for users to complain about slow apps. We need to catch them before it’s an issue.

We can’t be sure if the problem is the network or the applications. It ties up resources needed elsewhere.

Accelerate testing with robotic automation

With bots using image recognition, OCR, and intelligence to simulate masses of users logging into systems, opening apps, running programs and reports, you get a true view of your app’s performance, freedom from protocol restrictions, and flexibility to test what you want.

Know the end-user response time at any application stage, under any load.  Get the response time of your applications from all of your locations. Test 50 to thousands of users to find your performance bottlenecks.

There’s NO coding, nothing installed on your network or application servers and applications can be monitored through any VDI.

Code-free, proactive application testing at scale

Short time frames, multi-tiered applications, and lack of open API’s are no longer a barrier to performance testing your applications.


Click and record

Build your custom workflow easily with the recorder. Simply click through the processes and the engine will observe and interpret what’s on the screen as you click and type.


Create visual workflows

See your scenario script displayed as actions anyone can understand (all the screen, keyboard, and mouse interactions that your real users perform.)


Modify and update

Play back your scripted transactions. Easily edit any portion and add logic.


Run globally

Deploy bots to run these scenarios at regular intervals from all key locations where your users are located.

Monitor much more than availability and “Log-In time”

With our robotic automation approach to testing, nothing is installed on your application servers, or your VDI (Citrix servers, AVD, etc) Bots acting as real users access your systems through the front-end en masse, and report what they see from their desktop in real-time.


Get screenshots when failures occur

See exactly what appears for the users when the application doesn’t perform as expected. Share with your software vendors and other teams to communicate and resolve problems quickly.

View overall performance stats, ramp-up times, and failure screenshots in one dashboard.


Drill down to the problem

See at a glance where the problems occur: from which component, transaction, and even down to the image or field that failed or was slow to appear.


Troubleshoot problem source

By placing bots at strategic locations, you can know immediately if problems are arising from the application server, network, or at the user desktop.


Predict with trends

Because the bots are executing well-defined transactions at controlled intervals, it is easy to see if the application performance degrades or improves over time. Or if there is degradation at certain regular times, showing system overloads.

This is the only solution that works with our critical business application built on multiple technologies. Getting performance metrics from the end-user perspective has become invaluable information.

Fredrick Saint-Cyr
Los Angeles Metro, Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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