Application virtualisation

Get next-generation application virtualisation and delivery for ALL of your apps with Cloudpaging.

The problem

Whilst App-V is unbeatable for most enterprise virtualization, there are certain types of applications that Microsoft recommend should not be virtualised using the technology. These include applications that, start services at boot time, require device drivers, are part of the OS, use COM+, etc.

Application virtualisation with Cloudpaging

Virtualise 99.9% of your apps!

These limitations mean that you can’t fully realise the benefits of application virtualisation. Using Cloudpaging technology, Algiz Technology will virtualise applications that can’t be virtualised using MS App-V so that you can enjoy a fully virtualised application estate.

Virtualise with Cloudpaging

Cloudpaging transforms native software delivery, deployment, and provisioning to and from the cloud, datacenter, and desktop. It lets you package and deliver any Windows application to any Windows desktop – VDI, Physical, or BYOD.

Virtualise any Windows app

With Cloudpaging you can virtualise ANY Windows app, including the ‘tricky’ apps that legacy technologies like App-V and ThinApp can’t handle.


Run apps at native speeds

Virtualised apps behave as if locally installed, with no compromise on performance. That includes 3D graphics, HD content and CPU-intensive apps.


Reduce VDI costs

Application virtualisation separates apps from the OS and uses the power of the end device, so the infrastructure is a fraction of the cost of VDI!


Run virtualised apps offline

Even if your users lose connection to the server, your apps will still be available, and without the loss of licence control!


Dynamic updates

Application updates happen in near real-time with no need for maintenance windows. Roll-backs are instantaneous.


Security built in

Applications are encrypted, compressed, and delivered over a secure connection preventing theft, malware injection, and other security threats.

Cloudpaging in three steps

The Cloudpaging system contains three components that deliver a native desktop application experience to end users without a traditional installation. The three components that work together are the Cloudpaging Studio, Server, and Player.

1. Create/Publish

Cloudpaging Studio prepares the application for automated deployment, updates, and access settings based upon the predetermined permission levels within your organization. 

With Cloudpaging Studio you can package an app for the lowest common denominator of Windows OS, and you won’t need to repackage that same app when you move operating systems.

2. Deliver

The Cloudpaging Server can be in the Cloud of your choice, or your company’s own on-premises server.

Once your apps are on the Cloudpaging Server, your IT department can use virtually any provisioning tool, including Microsoft® SCCM, for managing application deployments and updates to your workforce on their virtual or physical devices.

3. Execute

The Cloudpaging Player  “plays” the provisioned applications on the end users’ virtual or physical devices. 

The Player can be configured to be visible or hidden to the end user and accessed with single-sign-on (SSO) if desired. 

You can keep an eye on usage and empower your employees with self-service options.

Use cases

End user compatibility

VDI / Remote compatibility

A few of our projects

Big or small, local, national or multinational, we’ll help you complete your virtualisation and migration project successfully.

Centralised Application Delivery

Deliver virtualised applications to 4,000 users using Citrix.

Windows 10

Migrate 5,500 users to Windows 10. Deploy using SCCM.

User Migration

Migrate 6,000 users to Windows 10 using Intune to deliver applications.

Device Migration

Migrate 90,000 devices to Windows 10. Using App-V, MSI and SCCM.

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