Simpler, secure workspace virtualisation

Get the applications your users need on devices they want to use, and keep a firm control of your data.

The problem

Desktop Virtualisation promises so much but has become one of the most complex data centre technologies to design, build, scale and manage.

Infrastructure incompatibility issues, slow performance, complicated “workarounds”, and pricey consultants don’t make the experience a good one for most organisations.

Users need access to apps and data, you need a headache-free, cost-effective way to deliver them!

Why do we have to rip everything out? Can’t we re-use our existing hypervisors, storage, directories…?”

We had to rush to deliver remote desktops during Covid. We need a better, more affordable solution now that the panic’s over.

Our users need access to applications and data, most of them don’t need the “desktop”.

Why do we have to rip everything out? Can’t we re-use our existing hypervisors, storage, directories…?”

We had to rush to deliver remote desktops during Covid. We need a better, more affordable solution now that the panic’s over.

Virtualise applications for any device and half the cost

Most users just need access to applications, not the OS or a full-blown desktop.  So, if you can publish apps to dynamically appear within the user’s shared desktop without needing a custom VDI desktop, you cut costs dramatically without affecting the user experience.

Algiz delivers a robust virtualised application solution that centralises data and applications and protects sensitive corporate information while creating safe, remote-accessible virtual workspace environments.

VPN alternative for remote work access

The integrated Enterprise Secure Gateway uses existing security ports and advanced encryption to create a safe entry point for remote workers without needing open network VPN access.

Once securely connected, remote workers have instant access to their files and applications that run in real-time in your cloud datacenter and never leave its safe confines.

Since no application data ever resides on endpoint devices, sensitive data remains safe from theft and cybercrime.

Improve remote productivity and reduce costs

Virtual workspaces allow remote workers to get set up quickly and securely with minimal effort. Your IT department will spend less time supporting VPN issues like remote device configuration, securing non-provisioned BYOD devices, and dealing with bandwidth congestion problems that impact productivity.

Instead, you can improve your data security and lower management costs by streamlining and centralizing your data and applications.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI

A better Citrix alternative

Not every organization can afford the cost or resources to implement and manage Citrix. They need an alternative that’s affordable, easy to implement, and simple to manage.

Get an all-in-one yearly concurrent user subscription plan that’s simple to understand and predictable for budget planning. There are no complicated editions to consider or hidden fees to pay.

Features like two-factor authentication, integrated multi-tenancy, user messaging, resource management, and secure remote access gateways are included right out of the box.

Get applications to users in hours, not days

Deploy on-site, in private-public clouds, or access it as a service.


Great user experience

Create virtual workspaces that are fast, reliable, and familiar. Access Windows and Linux applications and shared desktops on Mac, Windows, or Linux PC; iOS/Android mobile devices; Chromebook; or any HTML5 Web browser


Comprehensive security

Secure Gateway provides instant remote access without the need for VPNs or custom security ports. No data ever resides on the endpoint device.


Simplified management

Single-pane-of-glass management lets you manage tenants, servers, applications, and users. Messaging, Service Notices, and Shadowing help you troubleshoot user issues remotely


Fast and flexible deployment

Installs in hours, not days, so you won’t have to deal with expensive consultants and long deployment engagements.


Lower IT costs

Total cost of ownership is as little as half the cost of competing solutions, and is available as an all-inclusive OPEX subscription.


Greater compatibility

Works with any hypervisor, any directory service, and deploys on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

“With no need to install client software on a user’s local device and no requirement for firewall intervention on remote client sites, it makes secure access for researchers, clinicians, academia and data providers very simple.”

David Brown, Head of Informatics Infrastructure
Genomic England

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