Windows 10 Application Compatibility Strategy

Peter ClarkWindows 10

Windows 10 application compatibility issues?

This article summarises the issues related to application compatibility in Windows 10 as discussed by Chris Jackson, Microsoft’s Worldwide Lead for Application Compatibility, in his extensive article ‘Windows 10 App Compat Strategy.’ Upgrading to Windows 10. With the arrival of … Read More

Getting VDI for ROBO back on the agenda.

Tariq MahmoodROBO, VDI 2.0


VDI for ROBO (Remote Office/Branch Office) is a fantastic idea but it takes an immense amount of time and money to even get it close to being useful. In this article, we’ll look at the issues and also point you … Read More

The evolution of the Digital Workspace

Tariq MahmoodDigital Workspace, VDI 2.0

Evolution of the Digital Workspace | Algiz Technology

In this article, we look at why solutions such as VDI and MDM are failing to satisfy end users, and the businesses need for access to any application on any device. We also look at the ideal architecture required to deliver the solution that will – Workspace as a Service.

Infographic: Comparing the cost of VDI

Tariq MahmoodVDI 2.0

Cost of VDI 1.0 vs VDI 2.0

When you need to get a simple but dramatic point across about the cost of VDI, you can always rely on that IT industry favourite – the iceberg infographic! We’ve worked with our partners Workspot to show you how ridiculously different the cost of older VDI 1.0 solutions from the likes of VMware and Citrix are, compared to Workspot’s next generation VDI 2.0.

Application Virtualization Smackdown

Tariq MahmoodApp-V, Application Virtualization

Are you looking for an independent overview of application virtualization solutions and are curious about different strategies and key questions? Are you interested in the use-cases and benefits of delivering applications via application virtualization? Do you want detailed information about the features and functions each virtualization vendor is offering?

Who won the Application Virtualization Smackdown 2015?

Tariq MahmoodApplication Virtualization

Just in case you missed it, virtualization experts Ruben Spruijt, Jurjen van Leeuwen and Algiz Technology CTO Americas, Rory Monaghan released the “Application Virtualization Smackdown 2015” earlier this month.  With an overview of the leading vendors and an in-depth analysis of their products, the smackdown is an … Read More

Rory Monaghan joins Algiz Technology

Tariq MahmoodApp-V, North America, Sequencing

Following on from our recent announcement that William Jansen is taking Algiz Technology stateside, we’re delighted to tell you that Microsoft App-V MVP, VMware vExpert and virtualization blogger, Rory Monaghan has joined Algiz as CTO, Americas. It does seem strange that a seasoned … Read More

Application Virtualization Smackdown (infographic)

Tariq MahmoodApp-V, Application Virtualization

With in-depth, independent analysis of the virtualisation landscape and vendor solutions, PQR‘s ‘Application Virtualization Smackdown‘ is a must-read for both virtualisation newbies and seasoned veterans alike.  However, with references to ‘agents’, ‘connection brokers’ and The Matrix Trilogy in the revision history, we just … Read More