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Remember The Centaurus Trust this Christmas

The Centaurus Trust
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Small local charities can often lose out to bigger, well-known organizations when it comes to receiving support and attention for the amazing work they do.

Here at Algiz Technology, we prefer to work with organizations on our doorstep because we get to see first-hand the great work they do.  That’s why this year we’re supporting The Centaurus Trust, a small charity based in Wootten Wawen just outside Stratford upon Avon.

Founded and run by Nicola Hepburn and her team of human and horse volunteers, Centaurus brings disabled and disadvantaged children, young people and adults into contact with horses through their Therapeutic Horsemanship programmes.  Being close to and working with animals can have a very positive impact on the new riders.

The Centaurus Trust

We know it’s Christmas but they’re way cuter than reindeer!

If you can spare a few quid this festive season, please pay Nicki and the team a visit at www.centaurustrust.org but just as importantly can you also like/share this article so more people become aware of the great work they do?

Oh, another way to get onto Santa’s Good list is to pop in and pay them a visit – they can always use some help mucking out!

Here be gold!

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