Automated packaging and patching for Intune

Get your applications Intune-ready in a few clicks and keep them secure with updates to a 35,000 package library delivered every 30 minutes!

The problem

Keeping applications updated is essential for maintaining a secure environment and is, in fact, a requirement for Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

Manually packaging and updating your applications for modern environments like Microsoft Intune can be laborious and takes time and resources away from other IT initiatives.

Keeping apps updated
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Optimise your packaging and patching workflow

As part of a full-spectrum managed service, we provide cloud-based, user-friendly tools designed to enhance and streamline the conversion and management of application packaging for Microsoft Intune and SCCM environments.

You get an automated system that simplifies the conversion of MSI files to Intune-ready formats like IntuneWin and MSIX, and multitenant support enables simultaneous management of multiple user environments.

Furthermore, a vast library of over 30,000 pre-packaged, up-to-date applications is readily available for import, and automated patch management scans for updates every 15 minutes, ensuring all your applications remain secure and current. 

Automate, secure and deploy


Package import and conversion for Intune

Algiz Technology partners with Robopack to transform your packages into Intune-compatible formats with just a few clicks. Drag and drop the package, tweak its properties, and your Intune-compatible package is good to go.

Robopack’s automated packaging solution simplifies the entire process, significantly reducing the time and technical expertise required for conversion. Its smart automation optimises the converted packages for Intune, ensuring seamless deployment and management within your Intune ecosystem.

If you use SCCM, we can automate the process of application migration by extracting and uploading application information and content from a local SCCM server, automating the conversion to IntuneWin for easy import into Intune. 


Access to a library of 35,000+ applications

Get immediate access to a comprehensive library of over 30,000 applications sourced from Winget and the Microsoft Store. Applications are tested and optimized for deployment in Intune environments through robust, automated processes and continuous monitoring of the application libraries for updates.

Built-in tools allow you to edit package settings and apply script templates to customize the package installation process. Now, you can ensure you have the latest, most secure software tailored to your environment.

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Wave deployment for Intune

The solution’s “Wave Deployment” functionality allows for the phased rollout of application patches, with each rollout having its own custom-defined compliance criteria and target groups.

Furthermore, Wave Deployment monitors and verifies the success of each deployment wave before proceeding to the next. This enhances overall deployment reliability through a success-dependent progression, ensuring that each phase of deployment is fully completed and successful before initiating the next wave. It also provides the capability for optional automated initiation of new deployments once an update is available, streamlining the update process when utilized.

You can also interrupt an ongoing deployment when a newer version of the application becomes available, ensuring that software currency is maintained. Additionally, it integrates MSIX packaging with installation scripts for robust deployment scenarios.


Multi-tenant support with dynamic templates

Multitenant support enables simultaneous management of multiple Intune tenants, allowing parallel application deployment across diverse Intune environments. This ensures efficient software deployment synchronization, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing deployment times.

Admins can use predefined templates in Intune to assign packages universally, to specific custom groups, or to all devices. This helps organize deployment across different segments of the organization and offers flexibility and control during the package import process.

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No app left behind!

Your application estate is unique to you, and no automated solution, neither ours nor other vendors, will be able to package and patch every application. That’s why Algiz combines automation AND manual packaging expertise to convert and secure ALL OF YOUR ESTATE.

A full spectrum packaging, patching and delivery service

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