Automated Configuration Manager (SCCM) to Intune application migration

Save days, if not weeks, migrating your entire application estate from on-premise Configuration Manager to Microsoft Intune.

The problem

The drive towards cloud-based workspaces and management is relentless, and rightly so. Reducing the reliance on on-premise infrastructure for managing endpoints and applications and moving them to the cloud, in particular, can deliver significant cost savings, free dedicated IT staff time, and bolster security.

However, the move can be daunting, meaning many organisations continue to delay migrations.

We automate your move from Configuration Manager to Intune


Visualise your application estate

Too many organisations rely on reports from Configuration Manager to tell them what applications they have and what they need to migrate. This takes over unused applications as part of your migration and adds extra licensing costs.

We conduct an automated engagement audit. The free report shows you active applications, devices and users. You only migrate what you use.

Learn more about the Engage Assessment Programme.


Build a secure Intune environment

If you have an existing Intune environment, you can perform an automated scan to determine whether it’s compliant with CIS and NSCS security baselines.

The report tells you how far off you are from the recommendations, and you can use this information to remediate your environment or have our experts do it for you.

You also have the option to automatically create a security-compliant Intune tenant using DeployIntune in under 20 minutes.

  • During deployment, you can choose to create a fresh tenant, which assigns everything to two dynamic groups: Intune-Users, for anyone with an Intune license, and Autopilot Devices, which is based on the ZTID tag.
  • If you select an existing tenant, DeployIntune will use two statically assigned groups. Until the groups are populated, no policies apply to existing users or devices.

For an existing environment, everything is self-contained, and you can layer on existing policies without having to re-create them. After testing, simply unassign and remove the old security settings.

Learn more about DeployIntune.


Migrate applications to the new environment

Given access to your SCCM environment, we look at all the applications that need to be migrated to Intune, automatically copy all essential metadata, encase applications in an .intunewin wrapper if needed, and transfer them to your secure Intune tenant.

For applications that can’t be migrated automatically, our packaging team can ensure even these are quickly migrated to the new environment.

We then perform a light-touch application integration test, installing the application in a test environment on your OS of choice. Once testing is complete, your applications are now ready for UAT and assignment.


Monitor and update your Intune tenant and apps

The final step of your automated SCCM to Intune migration is to ensure everything is always up-to-date and secure.

You can use the IntuneManage service to ensure your environment remains compliant as you make changes over time, or for complete peace of mind, use our Intune managed services to protect your environment, ensure applications are automatically updated, and free time to work on other IT priorities.

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