App-V Decision Matrix – Nov 2017

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App-V Decision Matrix


Rory Monaghan’s updated his popular App-V Decision Matrix and extended the scope to include other deployment technologies.

The original diagram is available on his website, but we offered to take his raw App-V flowchart and make it scalable for anyone who wants to print it out in a larger format.  We’ve also converted it into a slide deck and interactive decision tool which you can get a hold of below.

Download the App-V Decision Matrix.

You can download the pdf version below, and we’ll be working with Rory to keep the flowchart up-to-date.

Forthcoming changes will be to revise the Desktop Applications > Add-In or Link to include option to create a separate shortcut or use RunVirtual and also adding a new branch to Desktop Application > Requires Network Isolation, so make sure you link to this page for the latest version.

App-V version : 5.2
Matrix release date: November 2017

Revison history:
5.2 – Added missing decision tree elements from Desktop Applications > Drivers and Add-In or Link. Corrected Middleware > Shared by virtualized and installed apps? decision flow.

More FREE Resources.

  1. We’ve created a PowerPoint slide deck of the App-V Decision Matrix so that you can present it to your team.  It breaks down the flow into more manageable sections.
  2. We’ve also produced a simple Excel tool that walks you through the decision matrix and records the deployment method for your applications.
    • Apps and deployment method broken down by Desktop, Web and Browser
    • All answers recorded for each application

Just let us know where to send them below.


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