Application Rationalisation

Dynamically reduce the number of applications being managed whilst ensuring users have the applications they need.


The problem with managing applications

Your users want applications available wherever they’re working, be it on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. And while it’s crucial to be able to transition to new technologies and platforms to meet their needs, providing flexibility presents a number of challenges:

  • Complexity – You need to understand your users, devices and applications and how these will be transitioned to the new technology. You need a “single version of the truth” to ensure you can deliver effectively.
  • Time & Cost – Traditional approaches to migration dictate that you need to wait until all your dependencies are ready before you begin to deploy. This costs time and money. You need to be able to respond to change more quickly.
  • Rationalization – Applications estates grow out of control. You need to ensure that you can quickly and easily remove any unnecessary applications from the scope before migrating.
  • Prioritisation – Knowing where to focus your effort for the best possible outcome is a huge challenge due to the large number of factors involved.

How do we make your life easier?

Save around
Months on migrations
Users with 20% of Apps
Single Pane of glass
Dynamic portal

We give you a cloud-based project management portal that takes data feeds from multiple sources to manage applications, users and machines to deliver IT migrations quickly and easily. You can either administer it internally or we can manage the application rationalisation process and portal for you.

Application rationalisation

It’s typical for application estates to grow out of control over time. We help you monitor and reduce the number applications being managed whilst ensuring users have the applications they need.

Prioritise applications

Save time and money during a migration with Automated Application Prioritisation (AAP). Begin the deployment phase of the migration with just 20% of the applications complete.

Assess project readiness

The “single pane of glass” dashboard and reporting give you real-time readiness reports of departments, locations, users and computers across your estate so you know when you are ready to deploy.

Schedule deployment

AAP combined with a Readiness Assessment will mean you’re ready to begin deployment in no time at all. Built in scheduling lets you to assign users and computers to timeslots based on their readiness.

Keep users informed

This portal is your communications hub for the migration. It creates “T-minus” emails for users who are about to be migrated, user surveys for data validation and satisfaction surveys post-migration.

Control machine migrations

Machines are pivotal during some IT migrations such as server or desktop migrations. Manage machines, their applications and their users to ensure the migration is executed on time and on budget.

How does it work?

  • “Submissions” queue shows you all software from Software Inventory Connectors
  • Select the apps to be rationalised. Set Submission Status, Supersede and Rationalise. Choose which app replaces the legacy apps
  • All users of the rationalised apps are mapped to the new app for the new environment
application rationalisation portal

Key features

  • “Single pane of glass” view of your estate.
  • Readiness monitor breaks the organisation down by location or department and shows who is ready to migrate, who isn’t and why.
  • Fully customisable collaborative workflow.
  • What-If analysis simulates different scenarios to rapidly accommodate change.
  • User communication, deployment scheduling, build sheets and integration with deployment tools for rapid migrations.

No time to learn new software? Use our managed migration service instead

1,000s of moving parts (apps, users and systems), crucial data stored across disparate systems and knowing which apps are the priority can be a real deterrent to rationalising your application estate.

Using our ‘on-demand’ managed service you can decide how much, or how little, support you need from us to alleviate the squeeze on your time and budget.

Our step by step process takes away the headache:

  • Discover

    Identify data sources from existing systems.

  • Rationalise

    Reduce applications without impacting business performance.

  • Prioritise

    Prioritise the applications based on the business requirements.

  • Packaging, QA + UAT

    See our Application Packaging service for details

  • Monitor

    Monitor readiness to migrate by location and/or department. Run “What-If” analysis and view the outcomes of different scenarios, then plan accordingly

  • Migrate

    Perform the migration.

Customer success



Balfour Beatty were planning a large scale desktop transformation programme to take their estate from Windows XP to Windows 7.

11,000 users, 1,100 application and 500 locations needed to be managed closely to ensure success.

  • Saved £640k by accelerating deployment schedule
  • Shortened migration programme by 3 months
  • Delivered more than 100% ROI within 3 months