Automated Application Discovery

Auto discover, name and map the topology of every application across your entire enterprise with dynamic application discovery.

The Problem

Understanding which mission critical applications are supporting your business operations can be challenging, especially when taking into account any large-scale modernisation such as private cloud initiatives or OS migrations.

A spaghetti of architectures

Mergers and Acquisitions, non-standard coding and integration, all lead to a mix of architectures and many “silo” applications, incompatible platforms and technologies – both legacy and new.

Whats more, developers often expand, maintain, and re-purpose applications, sometimes without updating application documentation.

See what’s in use and where


Auto-discover every application

Discover every Windows and Linux application in your environment, identify it by name, and measure the end-to-end and hop-by-hop response time and throughput.

Discover workload topology

Discover application flows, map topology and user response times to create the application topology. Update in near real time – all without further configuration.


Profile application workloads

Get a full view of who is using applications? Why, when and how do they use them? What are the expected service levels and actual service levels being delivered today?

Introducing AppEnsure

Algiz Technology partner, AppEnsure, delivers an automated application discovery platform that works for applications installed on physical servers, virtualized guest operating systems, automatically provisioned in private or hybrid clouds, and applications running in public clouds.

It works irrespective of whether the application was custom developed or purchased.

Programming languages

“Out-of-the-box” support for a large number of applications including custom apps.

How it works

  • Consists of two components – Master and Agents
  • Master is provided as a virtual appliance which stores and presents data from the Agents
  • AppEnsure console on the Master is accessed via a web browser
Automated application discovery

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