Application Virtualization Smackdown (infographic)

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With in-depth, independent analysis of the virtualisation landscape and vendor solutions, PQR‘s ‘Application Virtualization Smackdown‘ is a must-read for both virtualisation newbies and seasoned veterans alike.  However, with references to ‘agents’, ‘connection brokers’ and The Matrix Trilogy in the revision history, we just couldn’t resist the urge to create an infographic highlighting some of the key sections in both the document and the first movie.

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Application Virtualisation Smackdown Infographic


Notes on the Application Virtualization Smackdown infographic:

  • Having more features/functionality does not necessarily mean the solution is the best fit for your organisation.  The full smackdown is your best source for evaluating the value of each feature
  • The infographic is based on v4.1 of the guide. We will update it with the release of a new version of the Smackdown to reflect any major changes in product portfolios and functionality
  • We grouped vendors classified as “Remote Display Protocol” in the “Session Virtualization” group and those classified as “SH -Physical Desktops” into “VDI”.  This was because the subheadings in section 3.3 of the guide do not explicitly use the former classifications.  Though not officially an application virtualization solution, FSLogix has been classified as such due to the specific focus given to it in the document

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