Application Performance

Improve the performance of applications running across your infrastructure to increase revenue and improve productivity.


Measure end-user response time not just resource utilisation.

Put simply; poor application performance leads to lost productivity across your organisation, so you need an accurate way to pinpoint the root cause and exact location of issues quickly.

Unfortunately measuring resource utilisation alone isn’t an effective indicator of application performance because uncorrelated symptoms not only create too many false alarms, they also don’t give you any real insights into the root cause of the problem.

The key measure of application performance, as experienced by the end user, is always response time.


How do we make your life easier?

Understand the
profile for every application

Cut time wasted
at the cause of problems

Protect revenue and
by preventing long outages

We measure the response time and throughput for every application in your environment. Using automated tools, we can identify each application by name, give you a topology map for each one, and then provide you with a root cause analysis when response time, throughput, or the error rate for the application deviates from the norm.

Armed with the information we provide, you’re better able to prioritise your time and resources, for maximum impact.

Improve Citrix end user experience

Is Citrix XenApp really to blame for slow performance or just a convenient scapegoat? We help you stop the fingerpointing and focus on fixing the real problem.

Diagnose infrastructure impact

Collect Layer 2 through Layer 7 data and understanding the normal and abnormal application behavior for response time and throughput hop-by-hop and end-to-end.

Deliver accurate SLAs

Ensure that what you’re promising is what you’re delivering with accurate response time metrics helping you shape future SLAs and setting realistic expectations.

Reduce Mean Time to Resolution

Get real-time information on key metrics to dramatically reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) in virtualized and cloud environments.

Identify user/location impact

Determine if a single user demand load is affecting application performance for all other users in one location or many other locations.

Assess the impact of change

Baseline application performance before and after releases to instantly pinpoint adverse results due to changed application and infrastructure interactions.

Introducing AppEnsure.

Algiz Technology partner, AppEnsure, delivers business critical Application Performance Management (APM) that works for every Windows or Linux application. It correlates the real end-user response time experience with the application-delivery infrastructure performance, providing contextual, actionable intelligence to reduce resolution time by 95% of application outages and slowdowns.

What it gives you (in a nutshell)

  • Visibility into each application running by server with the specific performance data for that instance.
  • Lets you combine application performance and server performance for overall instance performance
  • As alarms you’ve set are triggered, AppEnsure will in real time display the root cause and proposed remedy to return the instance to the desired performance or SLA.
Real-time application performance

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