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Project hold-ups?

Not having specialist packaging skills in-house can affect your relationship with your clients in two ways. Firstly, it means you miss the opportunity to help them with their migration or virtualization project and the revenue that generates for you. Secondly, if you do start, but the project grinds to a halt because of packaging, it can have a knock-on effect on your relationship.

Partner with Algiz Technology early on in the process and you get to miss out on the finger-pointing and angry emails when projects falter.

Working with you and your clients

We can help you at all stages of your packaging project. We can work directly with your client to hunt down source media, package and test applications, and give you regular updates on how things are progressing and where we need your assistance. 

You can be as hands-on or off as you want, but we know that our success comes from keeping your clients happy and with Algiz Technology you’re always in control. 

Discovery & Media Validation

During this phase we identify the applications that exist in your estate as well as who uses them and how.  Once all the media has been identified, it is categorised and prepared for packaging.

We can provide guidelines if discovery is something you wish to do in-house.

Application Packaging

Applications are packaged by our team in the UK where there is also an option to have dedicated resources on-site.

Packaging for international clients is performed remotely.

Quality Assurance

Every package you receive is accompanied by documentation which provides details of the package construction and a completed quality assurance checklist.

Packages may also include additional documentation that we feel would help you with deployment in a live environment.

Testing and Deployment

Once we have tested the applications on your chosen platform we release them for comprehensive testing by clients.

By agreeing and adhering to packaging standards we ensure a very high standard of packaging and acceptance.

Enterprise Solutions
"Algiz Technology's specialist knowledge and professional approach has allowed us to implement solutions for clients quickly and effectively. They have easily been the best and most reliable application packaging partner we've had."
Enterprise Solutions Director
Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise Solutions, Ireland

The leaky bucket approach

Your clients migration or packaging project has a lot of dependencies and it doesn’t make sense to get all of their applications packaged on day one.  They may not be ready for them.  In fact, by the time they get to the last application it may already be out of date and need packaging again!

We make sure applications are packaged and delivered when you and your clients are ready for them.  We don’t flood you with apps you can’t use just yet.  Source media goes in at the top and packaged applications trickle down to you just when you need them.

Pay-Per-App pricing

All packages have one simple, ‘per-app’ cost. This helps reduce the risk of budget over-runs once your discovery phase is complete because complexity is no longer a limiting factor.

There’s no limit on the number of applications we can package either.  You can start with one or a handful, and then request more when you need them packaged.  

We use a combination of onsite and remote packaging to keep your costs down and get more applications into you hands when you need them

The pioneers of fixed price packaging

At Algiz, application complexity doesn’t change the price you pay per app. It only determines the SLA for delivery.

Windows 10

Migrated 5,500 users to Windows 10. Deployed using SCCM.

Centralised Application Delivery

Delivered virtualised applications to 4,000 users using Citrix.

Device Migration

Migrated 90,000 devices to Windows 10. Using App-V, MSI and SCCM.

User Migration

Migrated 6,000 users to Windows 10 using Intune to deliver applications.

Rest assured, we do this a lot

Big or small, local, national or multinational, VMware, Citrix, App-V, MSI’s, SCCM….

We’ve got you covered.

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