Automating App-V Sequencing.

Massively accelerate App-V sequencing with the fastest, most accurate automation solution available today.


The problem with App-V sequencing

Formerly known as Softricity, Microsoft Application Virtualisation or App-V for short, has been around for more than a decade helping IT departments to stream virtualised applications to users, and making application management a lot easier.

However, the actual process of converting applications to App-V (a process called sequencing) can be time-consuming. The industry average is still approximately two applications per day, and that very much depends on the number and the complexity of your application estate. In our experience, the 3 main concerns for converting applications to App-V are:

  1. Time to convert
  2. Cost to convert
  3. How to come away from App-V in the future

By automating the conversion of desktop application installers to App-V 5.1 at a rate of up to 250 per day AND creating a full MSI for each app at a rate of up to 150 per day, Algiz Technology eliminates time, cost and migration concerns.


How do we make your life easier?

Sequence up to
Apps Per Day
Cut project time by
Cut headaches by

Not every application can be converted automatically but by using the fastest, most accurate App-V automation tool available on the market you’ll get a clear understanding of which of your applications can be converted automatically. You can begin converting these at rate of 250 per day.

We can supply the tool so you start converting applications yourself or let our team provide you with a complete service to package your entire estate or provide a BAU service on a pay as you go basis.

Accelerate Windows migrations

Don’t let application sequencing become the bottleneck on your migration. Our automated ‘on-demand’ service can race through up to 250 applications per day!

Get accurate project timings

Regardless of the size or complexity of your application estate, pre-conversion tests provide you with detailed reports showing which apps can be sequenced, and how long it will take.

Stretch budgets further

By automating application sequencing you can slash the cost of projects by up to 60% which means you can now redirect your time and budgets to new projects.

Reduce packaging errors

Repackaging applications is frustrating for everyone involved. Our pre-conversion tests alert you to problem packages prior to starting, and live platform installs show you screenshots of packages working before you release them.

Give yourself time to test

With automation taking care of the mundane/repetitive applications, you can focus on the more challenging applications. The project isn’t rushed and your team gets more time to spend on UAT.

Increase adoption of virtualization

Slow and expensive projects can put stakeholders off investing in new IT initiatives. By getting applications to end users quickly you make a stronger case for more ambitious projects.

How does the software work?

  • Input bespoke settings and simply drag and drop a folder containing MSI’s, exe’s and scripts (VB, cmd and batch) into the sequencer.
  • Get a real-time interactive display of the sequencing . Intervene at any time to make changes.
  • Monitor progress of all applications being sequenced for App-V 4.6, 5.0 or 5.1.
Automated App-V sequencing by Algiz Technology

Key features

  • Automatically convert EXE’s, MSI’s and scripts to App-V 4.x/5.x
  • Full batch conversion automation for EXE’s, MSI’s and scripts
  • Automate both 32-bit/64-bit applications
  • Pre-conversion test of flat files and actual app installation
  • Full list of errors & potential issues per app
  • Conversions of complex multi-chained installations (installing pre-reqs on the VM before converting)
  • Perfect installation path resolution for MSI’s.
  • Automated silent installation for .exe’s
  • Creates a proper feature block for App-V 5 (if required).

No time to learn new software? Use our managed service instead

Application complexities, peaks and troughs in demand and a scarcity of skilled professionals can make allocating resources and sticking to virtualization project deadlines a real nightmare.

Using our ‘on-demand’ managed service you can decide how much, or how little, sequencing support you need from us to alleviate the squeeze on your time and budget.

Our step by step process takes away the headache:

  • Feasibility Testing

    Test the application for virtualization. Provide a simple report detailing the list pf applications that can be virtualized.

  • Pre-sequencing

    Validate the application discovery and media. Agreement to proceed.

  • Sequencing

    Create virtualized applications. Test installation and removals. Package is ready for UAT.

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

    Provision the application for testing by users. Feedback from users. Remediate and issues.

  • Deploy & Support

    Deploy to end users in live environment. BAU process for managing applications.

Steps 4 and 5 of the process above are usually performed by your in-house team. However we can also perform these steps for you if required.

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